Never forget something again.
Glasses Model Image
Tap the frame to save a 40 second video.
20 seconds before tap, 20 seconds after.
Glasses Model Image
Open the app to access saved videos.
Available for iOS and Android.


Made to be worn 365 days a year. No exceptions.


When they're on, one touch activates the retroactive recording function.
When they're off, we think they function as a beautiful pair of sunglasses.


Components are efficiently placed within the frame. The result?
A beautiful pair of smart glasses.


A simple, modern design which you'll want to wear everyday.
Did we mention they're customizable?

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Rewind time.

Retroactive Recording

How many times have you pulled your camera out too late?
With the 20/20's you'll never miss a moment again.

All Day Battery Life

Practical battery placement allows for 8 hours of continuous use.
Pop it into the slim charging case whenever you're not using it.

Mobile Apps

Peruse your captured moments from our iOS and Android apps.
Moments are viewable, editable, and shareable from the apps.

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Use Cases

There's quite a few.

Click one to learn more.

Driving on the freeway
You're driving home after a long day and someone sideswipes you on the 405. You pull over and they start blaming you. You're not worried though. You used Hindsight after the fact to record an HD video of them hitting you.
Enjoying a concert
Keep your phone in your pocket, with Hindsight you can record any highlights whenever they happen. Enjoy that sweet music and still make your friends jealous.
Capturing your baby's first steps
Your baby's first steps could happen at any time. Without a camera always at the ready, you're sure to miss it. However, with Hindsight, you'll be sure to capture that once in a lifetime moment.
That funny joke everyone missed
You know you're funny. That joke you just said was hilarious. Everyone laughed. Too bad no one was recording, you really wanted to share it. Oh wait, you can. Thanks to Hindsight.
Having a video recording of the perpetrator is better than relying on your memory for the sketch artist. Hindsight can be used as a form of deterrence and evidence in the face of crime.
That moment you missed
Sometimes life happens and you're just not ready to record it. But with Hindsight you'll always be ready.
Whenever your Hindsight glasses are on, you're able to record something after it happens. It's up to you to decide what to save.

Live in the moment, capture the past

Hindsight 20/20's
Arriving soon.
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